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Sitting in a Doctor’s Office in Lindsay waiting to be poked & probed & this station was playing in the background ….. The place was packed (Lottsa people like to be abused it seems!) Anyway, ‘twasn’t long ‘til someone said “Hey, listen! Haven’t heard that song in many, many years!” …. The group started talking amongst themselves (Pretty well all strangers) about YOUR station & the oldies being played (Loooooong waits to see the Doc. – Hah!) ….. Next thing some one perks up with “Maybe we should have ourselves a party, eh?”


Doc’s receptionist told us about your station, the name, etc. and how it seems to always – ALWAYS! – be enjoyed & comes up as a subject of conversation in & around the office often.  Came home. Punched in a few keys. Found you site. Haven’t (Yet!) read them all, but did – DO – enjoy the write-ups, the profiles. Interesting stuff. …… Like Arnie said once quite some time ago, “I’ll be back.”


Over & out & all that jazz!

MG Patterson

From the wilds of Sunderland

Hey Gord - so nice to hear Elvis on the air again. I'm dancing around my living room like a nut.....you are getting better with age, just think what you will be able to do at 70.....Love the music and it keeps getting better. Keep up the good work! Now, I have to go and listen to my favourite music.....Nice to hear old country too.....Have a great day!
Marlene B
Thank you SO much for sharing your love of this music with the rest of us! I grew up in the 80's, and still love all these older songs...they are just the best! I'm sharing the page with everyone I know!! We have it on right now...and we're just loving the songs, and the clips, it's just fantastic!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Annette C
Thank you for this!! We love it.
Sam P
Thanks, guys! Long overdue. Music to our ears!!!
Bob and Jean
Hi Gord, A listener emailed me the link to your story in the Peterborough Examiner about the internet station. FANTASTIC!!! So glad that you did this. It still mystifies me why no terrestrial station in Peterborough caters to the demographic. Glad to see you're filling the void. Stream sounds fantastic. Much better than others I've streamed including terrestrial radio streams. Man it sounds good! Anyway, all the best to you and keep that music going! Continued success.
Freddy V
I’ve been listening to yourKawarthaOLDIES for most of the morning. As of yet there have been no painful or stressful repercussions. More so there have been smiles and moments to stop what was being done and just listen.
Chuck V
Hi, just thought I would drop you a quick note to let you know that we have been listening to you for the last couple of weeks and are so glad that we can listen to not only our kind of music but the local Peterborough news down here in Florida. We fully expect to continue listening when we get back home. Thanks so much for filling the void left by the radio stations both here and at home.
Gary W
Hi Gord! Love your new station and everything that goes with it. Keep up the good work.
Edward Y
Thank you so much, Gord!!! Incredible music ---- and sorely needed in the Peterborough area!!! We’ll be listening to it every day!!
Ab and Linda
Thanks so much for all the great Irish music today! (St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, for 24 hours). For those of us chained to our desks, not getting out to the pubs, we appreciate it!
Maria O'G
Hi Gord: Really enjoying the oldies music and other radio clips. Thanks for doing this. Keep it going.
Daniel D
Good for you, Gord. My sister and I have been complaining about there not being any radio station we really like anymore. I often listen to CKOC 1150 AM in Hamilton because they play what I like; however, it doesn’t come in very well...Good luck with this!
Dianne O
You have made my year. Finally a station that broadcasts real music for the older generation. The older commercial cuts are great. Again this is real music that you can hear the lyrics and the bands. Our teen years and high school dances are fondly remembered.
Murray & Gene H
Saw the article in the Peterborough Examiner this week, tuned in this morning and were hooked. You're filling a big void Gord in the Peterborough Radio scene & many thanks for getting this launched. Great to hear your voice in between songs as well.
Mike & Theresa
Awesome...Love it...Keep up the good work
Jane M
Pam P
I enjoy your format and listen often.
Basil K
Hey Gord - Lovin' the play list. Many thanks for an offering that we have been missing! Cheers.
Dave G
Way to go Gord, this is just what Peterborough needs to have and we will pass this onto people we know.
Mark & Laurie
Thanks ... oh the sweet sounds of the oldies (You’re the Man) Gord, shared with all my family & friends, watch those number of listeners now... Great job!!!!
Betty B
Hello Gord: A Facebook friend reposted the Examiner story on your new web station, so I’ve tuned in. Sounds really good! Hey, that’s Rocky the Flying Squirrel! This is a great mix—Jefferson Airplane, Petula Clark, C&W, Motown. It’s great to hear a broader range than what the two Syracuse oldies stations play. Just yesterday, I found an old diary that mentioned I made a visit to CHEX in the spring of 1986, just as I was finishing up at Loyalist. You gave me a lot of kind encouragement and showed me around the studios. A few years before, as a Trent student, your voice became very familiar. I was in radio for 27 years in Ontario, New Brunswick, Ecuador, Maine, and Syracuse, NY (I married a Mainer). Today, I’ve got a home-based voiceover service, where I do mainly audiobooks and narrations for tourist stops and museums in Spain (the English versions). I’m also an elementary school substitute teacher. The best days are the ones where I get to read to the class! All the very best with Kawartha Oldies, Gord, and thanks again for that encouragement those years ago! P.S. - Oooo — Sinatra AND Jefferson Airplane in the same half hour. Nope, you’d never hear that...and it works!
Richard M
Hiya Gord! I just came across your site from the Examiner online, and just wanted to thank you! Sounds good so far! Do you take requests? I’m thinking Queen, Elton John, Richie Valens, Queen, oops I said Queen again, LOL I’m partial to Freddie Mercury... Hope this lasts, I’m enjoying it...One browser open on yours while I'm out and about on other sites! Thank you!
Jenn B
We are listening to you in Bradenton, Florida. Thank you for doing this. We are from Peterborough and it appears that the broadcasters there have forgotten the demographics of that area. We are streaming you through our radio. Sounds great.
Dianne W
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've been waiting for this. You are terrific Gordon Gibb.
Bonnie M
Gord, thank you for playing music I can relate to! Really enjoying tripping down memory lane. Great quality too! Cheers.
Anne C
Hi there! Just wanted to say hello and thanks for providing this station. I've lived in Peterborough most of my life (now late 50's) and I can relate to all.
Brian K
Gord, great idea! I love it! I’ve bookmarked your site and will visit often.
David F

Good morning!  We love listening to yourkawarthaoldies.  Eclectic , entertaining, funny, and, educational. The old radio commercials and historical recordings are great.  Sheer genius on your part.

I have to admit,  I am not a big fan of old Country music, but, the way you present it is entertaining.  I wish we had discovered you earlier.

We are telling all our friends about how great you are and wish you continuing success .

Thanks very much


Ellie and Will,

Cobourg, ON